Frequently Asked Questions

What is my return on investment if becoming a SweetWater Technologies business partner?

While there is an initial investment to become a SweetWater Technologies business partner, we are committed to helping you reach your acre and financial goals. We have payment plans in place and provide you with ALL the tools to start and sustain your drone application business. With our business model, you will make more than the average Midwest salary in just 60 days, while adding valuable resources back to existing operations.

What is my initial financial investment?

Financial investment depends on the package you select and your estimated first year acres. This will be discussed further during the interview process depending on your business goals.

What is my level of commitment once becoming a business partner?

You are expected to apply at least 10,000 acres of product each season.

Do I have to supply my own product?

On the forefront of precision and innovation, drone application possesses an array of opportunity. SweetWater offers the Gripp brand portfolio of performance crop inputs developed to drive ROI and be delivered through precision drone application.

Do I have to live along the I-80 corridor to be a business partner?

While the I-80 corridor is a current focus of SweetWater Technologies, we encourage all interested individuals to apply. SweetWater Technologies is not exclusive to any one state or area.

What is the road to one million acres?

The Road To One Million Acres™ is more than a simple tagline or long-term goal. It is our commitment to spray one million acres in a single year utilizing drones. By doing so, we are dedicated to reducing the cost of production, more efficiently deploying assets, and diversifying income by providing farmers with faster access to environmentally superior innovations, generating more output per unit of input.

Are drones a viable replacement for other methods of application?

On the forefront of precision and innovation, drone application possesses an array of opportunity. Benefits to drone application compared to traditional aerial or machinery application include:
Ability to spray where topography or soil conditions may hinder traditional methods.
Make in-season passes without the possibility of damaging crops with equipment.
Increased coverage, leading to more efficiency and boosted yields.
Precision application, resulting in minimal drift, allowing for spot treatment, prevention of soil compaction, and accurate spraying in areas close to civilization.
Greater capabilities with lower incurred cost, leading to a higher ROI.

What is the advantage to becoming a business partner of SweetWater Technoloiges as opposed to starting a drone application business on my own?

SweetWater Technologies has created multi-step process around operational excellence that allow for the immediate break down to the barriers of entry. Through training/licensing, industry-leading equipment, product logistics, accounting, and business management, SweetWater provides its business partners the tools to succeed.

How do I get started?


SweetWater Technologies Powered by Gripp is based in Bureau County, Illinois in the heart of the I-80 Corridor. Utilizing our centralized location, SweetWater is recruiting business partners to serve producers with focus on, but not exclusive to, the I-80 Corridor from York, NE to Toledo, OH, and everywhere in between.

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