What are my streams of revenue opportunities as a SweetWater Franchise Partner?

As a SweetWater Technologies franchise partner, you would have possession of an independently owned business, with the opportunity to generate revenue through application rates, chemical sales, and sales/acreage incentives with SweetWater.

What is my initial financial investment?

After applying and completing the “Get to Know Each Other” phase, SweetWater Technologies would provide you with the company’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD contains all financial information for becoming a SweetWater franchise partner. It is recommended that the FDD be reviewed with outside counsel.

What is my level of commitment once becoming a business partner?

Each franchisee would be committed to servicing a minimum of 10,000 acres each year under their SweetWater Technologies franchise. Additional commitments, both monetary and otherwise, would be disclosed in the FDD.

Do I have to supply my own product?

SweetWater Technologies offers the Gripp brand portfolio of performance crop inputs developed to drive ROI for farmers and be delivered through precision drone application. This includes the DroneZoneTM product family that is exclusive to SweetWater Technologies franchise partners.

What is The Road To One Million Acres™?

The Road To One Million Acres™ isn’t just a catchy tagline, it’s a commitment to improve efficiency, ROI, and results for farmers, and our franchise partners. It’s a commitment to deploy sound agricultural and environmental practices in an efficient manner with the most advanced technology available. While it is a goal to cover one million acres over the course of a single spray season with drones, we do not plan to stop there!

Are drones a viable replacement for other methods of application?

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global market for drone use within agriculture is poised to grow from $4.98 billion in 2023 to $18.22 billion by 2030 (Agriculture drone market size, share; forecast, 2024-2032). Driven by a faltering labor market, continued increase in operations’ cost, and growing regulatory pressure, the use of drones and other methods of precision agriculture are on the rise. As of February 2024, the USDA forecasts another year-over-year decrease of net farm income, estimating a $39.8 billion decrease from 2023 before adjusting for inflation (2024 farm sector income forecast). The continuing call to action within American agriculture is to produce more output per unit of input with focus on ROI, increasing the demand for drone application.

  • The ability to spray where topography or soil conditions may hinder traditional methods.
  • Make in-season passes without the risk of crop damage from ground equipment.
  • Precision application, resulting in minimal drift, allowing for spot treatment, prevention of soil compaction, and accurate spraying in areas close to civilization.
  • Greater rate of schedule availability at a lower incurred cost.
  • Drastic decrease in fuel usage and emissions output.
  • Increased coverage, leading to more efficiency and boosted yields (greater ROI for farmers).

What is the advantage to becoming a business partner of SweetWater Technoloiges as opposed to starting a drone application business on my own?

A SweetWater Technologies franchise is an independently owned business of the franchise partner. This business would hold equitable value if a partner were to want to sell the business after multiple years of operation. This value is built and maintained with the Franchisees’ Tools for Success provided through SweetWater Technologies:

  • Proven Equipment Capable of 10,000 Acres in a Single Season
  • Service & Support from Experienced Commercial Drone Operators
  • 24-Hour Guarantee to Keep You Up & Running
  • A New Drone Provided Each Year
  • Proprietary Drone Formulated Product Line (DRONEZONETM)
  • All Billing is Completed for You
  • Strategic Business Growth Plan
  • The Support of a Brand Name that Growers Trust
  • Full Access to a Variety of Retail Chemicals Available on the Market

How do I get started?


SweetWater Technologies Powered by Gripp is based in Bureau County, Illinois in the heart of the I-80 Corridor. Utilizing our centralized location, SweetWater is recruiting business partners to serve producers with focus on, but not exclusive to, the I-80 Corridor from York, NE to Toledo, OH, and everywhere in between.

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